Natunola is an innovative Canadian manufacturer of natural food for both personal consumption and the commercial food industry. One of the missions is to promote healthy lifestyles, by developing highly nutritious products that have significant value for consumers in their daily lives.

Growing consumer demand for healthier food choices inspired us to create the Otelia and Natunola Health's Delight brands. Both provide the highest quality of health foods, and both are made from grains grown and processed in Canada. They are a great option for consumers trying to make healthy lifestyle changes, and for food manufacturers, looking for sustainable, plant-based ingredients.

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Otelia is a pioneering line of premium grains and oil products, which are carefully selected for our health-conscious consumers around the world. Passionate for natural foods and committed to the highest quality, Otelia is your trusted and smart choice to achieve a healthy diet and a wholesome lifestyle.

Natunola® Health’s Delight

Our award-winning brand offers a variety of great tasting and all-natural grains. Natunola Health’s Delight is known for innovation, careful handling, and high quality. The brand has a full line of a variety of flax products, that meet the needs of diverse end users. Our clientele includes stores in North America, and merchandisers in the Caribbean.