Natunola Omega-3 Flax Powder

Shelled Flax KernelNatunola® Flax Flour contains an effective source of fiber, Omega-3 and is available in a powdered form. This product is a fine, soft powder which can be added to formulations to adjust the nutritional profile, increase moisture retention, and add smoothness to the overall finished product. This product is an excellent choice for formulations that require improved nutritional benefits. Natunola® Flax Flour can be used to replace a portion of the flour in current formulations to make a recipe ‘multigrain’ such as in multigrain breads, crackers, cookies, or pastas. This product may also help manufacturers to make a ‘source of fiber’ label claim. Natunola® Flax Flour is non-GMO, gluten free and an ideal ingredient if high Omega-3 and high fiber are desired in your formulation.