Natunola Omega-3 Flax Shelled 70

Shelled Flax KernelNatunola® Omega-3 Flax 70 is made up of 70% flax kernel and 30% flax hull and whole seed. Because of the patented technology used in processing this food ingredient, it has been formulated to contain more omega-3 per gram than any other traditionally processed flaxseed ingredient. It also offers superior storage capabilities over traditional flaxseed products as it does NOT require refrigeration.

Natunola® Omega-3 Flax 70 is our highest omega-3 product. By using just over one gram of this ingredient, per serving size, manufacturers may be able to make a ‘source of omega-3’ label claim.

Natunola® Omega-3 Flax 70 is: kosher certified, non-GMO, gluten free, and safe for most individuals with severe nut allergies. This product is low in saturated fat, free of trans fats, free of cholesterol, and free of sodium (or salt).