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There is a global need for healthier foods. A change as simple as wholesome grains and oils can help make a difference.


We believe natural is the code for better. Our passion for nature and commitment to quality lead us every step of the way.

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Flexible yet professional. Let packaging and design be your language to reach the world and leverage your brand's power.

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Discover the best of world agri-food sources, and get competitive value-added products that are environmentally sustainable.

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What people say

  • We at the Hartford care greatly about the personal, physical and spiritual needs of our residents. The addition of Natunola Shelled Flax Kernel to their dietary regime is a cost effective, safe and natural addition to good physical health.

    Lynn Hill of the Hartford Retirement Centre, Morrisburg, Ontario
  • I purchased a box of your instant oatmeal with shelled flax a couple of weeks ago while shopping at Foodland in Winchester. I love it! The fact that it contains healthy ingredients and no sugar makes it very appealing.

    Robyn Harris
  • At 42, I'm already facing menopause and the Natunola health's delight Shelled Flax Meal has helped me tremendously with hot flashes. I tried switching to another brand of flax meal and my hot flashes returned!

    Carla Briere, Ottawa, Ontario


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